Annexe Arts Inc was formed in 2011 and is a not for profit incorporated association dedicated to the development and nurturing of artistic activities in the local and broader Oakleigh community and  surrounding S.E Suburbs

Our committee and members are all volunteers whose aim is to promote community involvement and appreciation of artistic and musical activities and develop broader community understanding and awareness of artistic endeavour.

We  promote  events and performances  that will engage the local community and support local and neighbouring artists.

Please join us in this exciting and rewarding new venture


We hold a monthly Story Telling event at the Caravan Club ( South Oakleigh (Refer to our STORY TELLING  page).

We want to encourage  story tellers and spoken word artists among others to interact with their local community and increase awareness and appreciation of the arts in the local community.

Please browse through our website to discover what we have done and what is coming up and hopefully to will become a part of the Annexe Arts community.

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