Hi Folks

Annexe Arts has decided to make some changes to our Story Telling event as of 28th August.

( Please note this is a Tuesday).


We are very passionate about Spoken Word and Story Telling and really want this event to grow and develop to become a significant part of the local SE Suburban community. To this end we have decided to relocate the event to the Winnebago Lounge of the popular Caravan Club in East Bentleigh and change the night to the "last TUESDAY of each month" starting Tuesday 28th August.


We believe that the Winnebago Lounge ( which is a smaller more intimate venue) is better suited to what we are trying to achieve and we hope with the Caravan Club's significant promotional power to grow the awareness of the event and establish it firmly in the community calendar. We are very excited about this move and invite you to come along with us to the Winnebago Lounge and continue your enjoyment of Story Telling.


The key changes:

  • To be held the LAST TUESDAY of every month at 7.30pm (Doors open 7.00pm) Starting 28th August

  • Hosted by Ian Bland - master poet and story teller

  • Entry Fee $10.00 ( we believe this is still a very reasonable price)

  • Different Theme each month to be advertised on our website ( see below) and also the Caravan Club website.

  • $50 prize for the story judged to be the "best"

  • Bar open and meals are available at the Club Bistro from 5.30 - 9.00pm


Please come along and join us in this exciting development in the Story Telling genre.



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