Annexe Arts wants to encourage a variety of artistic activities in the community, and Story Telling is something we are very passionate about.
On the last Tuesday of every month, we conduct a Story Telling event at the fabulous Oakleigh Bowling Club and we encourage anyone to come along and either tell their story or simply listen to the others.
Our host is RRR's Poet Laureate Ian Bland  and he sets the tone for the night with his hilarious and moving stories and poems. He then encourages others to get up and have a go and off we go!!
 Its fun, interesting and very entertaining and we also give $50 to the best story of the night. The award is named after our founding Story Telling member Kev Bolt and will now be called the "Kev" Award.
The bar is open, and the atmosphere is friendly and its only $10 for the night's entertainment. Come along and see for yourself.
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